Rosa Cukier


Bipersonal Psychodrama: its techniques, therapist and clients

The main goal of this workshop is to discuss the technical issues that arise in relation to bipersonal psychodrama, showing the viability and usefulness of this therapeutic modality. I will describe my way of working in one-on-one psychodrama, starting with the initial interviews, going through the client's warm-up, the director's warm-up, setting up the initial scene, dramatizing the initial scene, dramatizing childhood scenes triggered by the association with the opening scene and scenes of repairing childhood wounds.

Methodology – I will use a mix of teaching techniques in this workshop and will start by explaining the theory

Then, I will help the participants to practice the classical bipersonal techniques in pairs (a director and a client) and they will have the opportunity to bring their doubts to the large group.

Then, I will ask participants to bring real situations from their own clinical work and again, in pairs (a client and a therapist), to use my explanation in setting up the scene, dramatizing and using the mirror technique to pinpoint where to go next.

Briefly I will describe the other possibilities to the scenes like: using internal psychodrama, psychodrama with images, how to use the “Surplus reality”, psychodrama with dreams and so on.

Rosa Cukier is a Psychologist since 1974 (PUC –SP – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo), psychoanalyst since 1983 (Instituto Sedes Sapientiae of São Paulo), Psychodramatist, trainer and supervisor (SOPSP – Sociedade de Psicodrama of São Paulo and at the Instituto J.L.Moreno of São Paulo). She now works primarily as a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. She has written several books on psychodrama: - Bipersonal Psychodrama – its technique, its client and its therapist, Published by Lulu, 2007 - Emotional Survival: Childhood Pain Relived in the Drama of Adult Life, Published by KDP- Kindle. - Words of Jacob Levi Moreno – Vocabulary of Sociatry Citations: Psychodrama, Group Psychotherapy and Sociometry”, Published by, 2007 - Life and Clinic of a Psychotherapist, published by KDP-KINDLE,2023.


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