Monica Zuretti, Debora Moghilevsky de Penna, Fernán Rodriguez Cetrán


“Whales, Fractal and Art, Sociopsychodrama. Our encounter with the whales”. This workshop will be presented in English and Spanish

The psychodramatic work that we propose is structured in the relationship of art with fractals and with the energy of whales. Psychodramatic matrices can be read from fractal structures. Fractals repeat patterns cyclically.
As fractal structure, the cosmic matrix repeats itself in the genetic matrix and in the identity matrix or in the social matrix or in the cosmic matrix or in the identity matrix or in the genetic matrix, in a continuous passage of a matrix to another...

The dynamic pattern of one matrix is repeated in other matrices.

We have been working with groups in contact with whales in their natural environment, from this process and art creation was born the “Whales Cards”.

Our Sociopsychodramatic group pattern will appear by the choice by intuition of “Whales Cards”. Each one of the cards will be placed in such a way that will manifest the pattern of the group.

Our group work will release a spontaneous creative process, and has the purpose of resolving any conflict or blockage. In this way, the pattern of origin is returned and found by the whales' memory.


3pm - 6pm


8pm - 11pm


9pm - Midnight


11pm - 2am

Mónica Zuretti, MD Universidad de Bs. As. Director of Psychodrama Trained by J.L. Moreno and Zerka T Moreno 1969, 1970. Director of the Centre for Psychodrama and Sociodrama Zerka Moreno. Professor of Psychodrama as a Psychotherapeutic Method. Programa de Actualización Postgrado, Facultad de Psicología Universidad de Bs. As. Author of El Hombre en los Grupos, Sociopsicodrama Lumen ed. 1995, different articles in Spanish and English .

Monica Zuretti 02
Fernan R Cetran

Fernán Rodríguez Cetrán, PhD. Folklore Mención Tango, National Univeristy of the Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Psychodramatist from the Centre Zerka Moreno. Trained by Monica Zuretti, Zerka Moreno, Shirley Barclay.
Painter and Sculptor, Creator of the Whales Cards 2008. Tango and folklore dancer. Many of his art productions are exhibited around the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Luca, Italy; Trondhein, Norway, among others.

Débora Moghilevsky de Penna, Doctor in Psychology from the University of Bs. As. (Thesis on “the Use of the Stage Space of Psychodrama in Argentina”, 2019). Psychodramatist trained by Monica Zuretti, Zerka Moreno, Shirley Barclay (1986-1992). Co-founder of the Zerka T. Moreno Center (1992). Currently Teacher of “Psychodrama as a Psychotherapeutic Method” and subject professor “Psychological Space" (Update Program, Postgraduate, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bs As, 2021-2022).