Maurizio Gasseau


The Transformative Wisdom Of Dreams: Healing Worlds, Cultures and Individuals

Jungian psychodrama is a theory of psychodramatic technique, articulated in a complex model of conduction and observation. It derives from Jung’s analytical theory on dreams, from his concepts of the personal and collective unconsciousness, of archetypal images and individuation as well as S.H. Foulkes’ concepts of the net and the personal and basic matrix.

The conductor will provide a brief explanation of the theory behind Jungian Psychodrama and then a more consistent experiential part will follow. The conductor will demonstrate how to play dreams belonging to different categories: symbolic dreams, visio dreams, nightmares, oracle dreams, recurring dreams and social dreams. The conductor will also present new warming up techniques - suitable for online psychodrama, integrating Moreno’s sociometry and Jungian active imagination exercises. He will demonstrate the dream incubation technique according to the ancient medicine of Asclepion. Two or three dreams will be played in the workshop.

After the final sharing, there will be an observation which will communicate the sense of the dreams which have been played, using a narrative style. It will enrich the plays with mythopoeic amplifications and will try to connect individual themes to the group’s collective unconsciousness as well as to the transcultural themes.

Maurizio Gasseau, Associate Professor of Dynamic Psychology at the University of Aosta. Past-Chair of the Psychodrama Section and Board member of International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes IAGP, is a Jungian analyst, certified psychotherapist and psychodramatist in Italy as well as leader of training groups all over the world. His main interests are Dreams in Psychodrama, Social Dreaming Matrix and working on transgenerational topics. He is co-founder of Jungian Psychodrama theory in 1978, and founder of Psychodramatic Social Dreaming Matrix in 2006.

Co - founder of FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation. He has given conferences, workshops and training programs on Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama and Social Dreaming Matrix in forty six countries like 2012-2018 Egypt, Tunisia Palestina, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Spain, Argentine, Brasil, Chile, Ukraine, Russia, USA, Canada, Jordan. Author of more than ninety publications, he received the FEPTO Excellence Award in 2017.


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