Kate Hudgins


From Trauma to Post-traumatic Growth: The Therapeutic Spiral to treat Trauma with Safe Experiential Interventions.

This workshop introduces participants to immediately useful experiential methods to add to their treatment to trauma. The Therapeutic Spiral Model was created in 1992 and has decades of research and practice to support the safe use of clinically modified psychodrama and gestalt interventions. You will learn the three stages of recovery and a specific action intervention called the TSM Body Double that decreases dissociation and provides a safe place inside. Join me in understanding the Trauma Survivor’s Internal Role ATOM (TSIRA) as a clinical guide to create safety and containment when adding experiential interventions to your work with trauma. This workshop presents theory and practice and invites you to come and increase your spontaneity and creativity as you work with trauma in individual and group settings.

Kate Hudgins, Ph.D, TEP is a Board Certified Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Dr Kate developed the Therapeutic Spiral Model to treat trauma safely and has taught it in over 42 counties in person and many more online. She is the Director of Training at Therapeutic Spiral International and is a well published author. Her new book “From Trauma to Post-traumatic Growth: Therapeutic Spiral Model Psychodrama” is her third book and she shares the evolution of TSM over the past 30 years to be published by Springer Singapore in July 2022 with co-author Dr Steven Durost.

Sao Paulo / Buenos Aires

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